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Andy and Cat.

Feb 23, 2019

In this episode, Cath and Andy are going to talk about turning ideas into innovation. They are going to give us some insights on what we can do with our ideas and how we can make those ideas happen. It is useless to have an idea if you don’t act and implement it.

The most important thing that Cath and Andy said is that we should use our ideas to make the world a better place.

So come on and listen to how we can apply our ideas and make it into fruition.



“Inspiration comes from many different places.”


“Innovation is the intersection between technology and design.”


“Customers don’t know what they want until we tell them what the want.”


“Look at the world with open eyes.”


“Sometimes very small changes make big impact.”


“You’re trying to pick up nickels and dimes and you’re stepping over dollars.”


“We need to be really focused on producing something great.”



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Show Notes:

[00:31] Turning Ideas Into Innovation.

[01:27] Inspiration Comes In Unlikely Places.

[02:36] Innovation Is The Cross Section Between Very Different Disciplines.

[03:33] Looking At Problems From Different Perspectives.

[04:38] Recognize And Act On Your Ideas From Other People.

[07:11] Motivate People.

[09:23] Share An Idea With Another Person In Order To Get Feedback On It.

[10:18] Choose The Best Advice From People You Bounce Your Ideas To.

[11:26] Do Not Get Discouraged With Negative Feedback.

[12:20] Negative Feedback Gives Positive Ideas.

[13:56] Keep Moving Forward.

[14:52] Think Tanks Are Highly Beneficial.

[17:29] Experience Is The Best Teacher.

[18:37] Apply The Things You Lear.

[19:34] Learn Different Industries And Try To Apply Them In Your Industry.

[20:23] Always Research.

[21:08] Utilize Different Concepts And Ideas.

[23:06] Even small Idea Make Difference.

[24:00] All IDeas Are Good Ideas.

[25:00] Collaborate With Other People.

[26:59] Always Be Focused To See Opportunities.

[27:56] Produce Something Of Value.

[28:28] Draw Different Conclusions From Every Situation.

[29:25] Test Your Business Idea.

[30:28] Learn From The Process When Testing Your Ideas.

[32:07] Do Not Invest Big On Your Test Ideas.

[33:32] USe Your Talents And Ideas To Make World A Better Place.

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