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Hello, and welcome to the Art of Consulting Podcast. We're excited you're here.

In our time together, you'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the IT consulting industry.

Enjoy and may the force be with you.


Andy and Cat.

Apr 24, 2020

This is our 100th podcast episode and today, Cat and Andy encourage us to stay in the abundance mindset instead of reverting back into a scarcity mindset especially this time where we’re experiencing a paradigm shift. They also share principles to live by and some guide questions that would help us figure out our...

Apr 17, 2020

In this episode, we are going to hear from Andy some useful tips that we can do to avoid being distracted from all the drama that is happening. Because of our current circumstance, drama is almost all around us but it is definitely up to us to keep ourselves focused on the things that really benefit us and still...

Apr 10, 2020

In this episode, we are going to understand what giving back can bring us. In one way or another, we all have received help from others that had contributed to our success and it would increase the flow of positive energy that will keep you in the path of prosperity and success.


Tune in now and hear more about it and...

Apr 3, 2020

In this episode, Andy explains the 3 different types of responses people do because of fear and it is essential to be fully aware of these so that we can intentionally look into ourselves and identify our response and adjust it if needed. He also provides tips on what we can do instead so we can take this time to get...