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Andy and Cat.

Sep 8, 2023

**Podcast Title:** "Mastering ERP Implementation: Insights from an OCM Expert"


**Show Notes:**



In this episode of Art of Consulting, we dive deep into the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation with a focus on Organizational Change Management (OCM). Our special guest, Frederique Oberlin, an OCM extraordinaire with 18+ years of experience, shares invaluable insights and wisdom gained from various ERP projects.


**Episode Highlights:**


1. **Understanding Organizational Change Management (OCM):**

   - Frederique defines OCM as the people side of a software implementation, emphasizing the importance of bringing employees along the project journey from the beginning rather than surprising them with a new system at the end.


2. **Challenges in ERP Implementation:**

   - The conversation highlights how employees sometimes create their own processes outside of the ERP system, known as "shadow IT," due to various reasons like system limitations or lack of training.


3. **Measuring Success in ERP Implementation:**

   - Frederique discusses key metrics for measuring success, such as assessing training effectiveness, tracking post-Go Live support tickets, and ensuring users are adopting the system as intended.


4. **Proactive Change Management:**

   - The importance of proactive change management is emphasized, including the concept of the ADKAR journey (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) and how it aids in preparing employees for change.


5. **Hypercare:**

   - Hypercare, the critical period immediately following Go Live, is explained as a time when additional support is crucial. Frederique shares strategies like deploying super users and providing a human presence for support, both in-person and virtually.


6. **Leadership's Role in OCM:**

   - Frederique advises leaders to engage in candid conversations with OCM experts, understanding the expectations and requirements for communication, training, and support. Leaders' active involvement in training can significantly impact the success of the project.



Organizational Change Management is a vital aspect of any ERP implementation, and proactive planning, effective training, and leadership involvement are key to a successful transition. We appreciate Frederique Oberlin for sharing her expertise on this essential topic. Connect with her on LinkedIn



Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Art of Consulting as we continue to explore the world of ERP and business transformation.