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Andy and Cat.

Nov 17, 2023

Welcome back to the Art of Consulting Podcast, where we explore the
intersections of sports and business. Today, we'll delve into a thought-provoking
experience from this summer, involving our host's daughter and her track and
field journey. Through this story, we'll uncover valuable lessons about
competition, sportsmanship, and striving for excellence.
Episode Highlights:

Lessons from Track and Field:

• Our host's daughter participated in the US track Nationals, competing in

multiple events, including high jump.

• Despite coming in ranked first, she finished fifth in the competition,

sparking reflections on competition and results.
Acknowledging Excellence:

• Our host shares a personal experience of neglecting to congratulate the
winning athlete and her parents immediately after the high jump event.
• This missed opportunity highlighted the importance of recognizing and

respecting the accomplishments of others.
The Competitive Landscape:

• In both sports and business, competition is a constant presence.
• Competing against accomplished individuals can push us to prepare
better, acknowledge the process, and understand that results are not
always within our control.
Accepting Results and Maturity:

• Accepting competition results, whether favorable or not, is a sign of


• Learning to gracefully handle both success and setbacks is crucial for

personal growth and development.
Embracing the Journey:

• Competition serves as a valuable tool for personal improvement.
• Recognizing that competing against strong opponents makes us better
can lead to a more resilient and mature approach to life's challenges.
The Power of Congratulation:

• Congratulating competitors and colleagues on their achievements

demonstrates maturity and sportsmanship.

• Building positive relationships in competitive environments can lead to

better collaboration and growth.

As we conclude this episode of the Art of Consulting Podcast, we leave you with
a powerful reminder: competition is a part of life, whether in sports or business.

Embracing competition with maturity, recognizing the accomplishments of
others, and striving for personal growth are essential elements of success. Keep
being awesome, and remember that competition is not just about winning; it's
about the journey and the lessons learned along the way.
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