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Hello, and welcome to the Art of Consulting Podcast. We're excited you're here.

In our time together, you'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the IT consulting industry.

Enjoy and may the force be with you.


Andy and Cat.

Sep 13, 2019

In this episode, Cat and Andy are going to discuss essential principles and great insights about the levels of the learning process and ways to effectively develop ourselves personally and professionally. Learning is definitely a process. It does take time and there are things that we need to do to get to the outcome that we want to achieve and it is important to know some very good principles that will help us through the journey.


So come on and tune in to this episode now and know more about the keys in effective learning.




“Failing Isn’t Always Bad. Failing, Sometimes, It Means That We’re Learning Something.”


“The X-factor Is In How Likable You Are And Therefore, How People Trust You And Respect You, And In That Sense, Then You Can Persuade Them To What They Actually Need To Be Doing For Their Own Good.”


Show Notes:


(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) How Learning Has Changed

(02:37) Being Uncomfortable In A World That We Are In Control

(03:58) Learning Through Thinking On Our Own

(07:16) The Fear Of Failing

(08:01) Controlled Failing

(11:08) Having Resilience

(12:50) Healthy Boundaries In Learning That We Don’t Violate

(13:54) Things That Allow Us To Be Successful That We Should Always Do

(14:31) Social Related Things In Learning

(15:22) Being Responsible As We Are Learning

(19:34) Understanding The Threshold In Exploring

(21:48) The Ground Rules Of Engagement

(24:10) The Best People In Participating In The User Experience Testing

(25:57) Consultants As Someone Who Can Think Through The Cause And Effect

(31:59) What Are The Things That Really Matter

(38:54) The Importance Of Continual Personal Development

(41:37) It’s Our Job To Know And Have The Ability To Make Better Choices 

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