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Hello, and welcome to the Art of Consulting Podcast. We're excited you're here.

In our time together, you'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the IT consulting industry.

Enjoy and may the force be with you.


Andy and Cat.

Oct 4, 2019

In this episode, Andy is sharing the fundamental characteristics of being a positive influencer. Everyone influences others in one way or another and it is essential for us to learn and intentionally work on how to become a positive significant influencer to the lives we somehow touch.


Tune in to this episode now and let Andy give you these important points that can help you assess yourself as well as develop yourself to become a positive influencer.




“Most Influencers Are Helping People And They’re Doing It Really Because That’s What They Do. They Don’t Need To Tag Themselves With A Label Of Being An Influencer.”


“Share The Right Information At The Right Time, With The Right People.”


“To Become A Positive Significant Influencer, It’s Really To Be Positive And To Stop Complaining And Understand It.”


Show Notes:


(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) Having People Who Are A Positive Influence On Us

(01:36) People Who Have Inadvertently Helped Us And Those That Purposely Went Out Of Their 

 Way To Help

(02:26) Being A Positive Influencer

(03:06) Doing Things For Ourselves Not Because Of Some Selfish Ulterior Motives

(04:08) What Do Positive Influencers Do

(04:21) Constantly Improving Ourselves

(04:52) Listening And Asking Good Questions

(05:49) Sharing Information

(06:16) Being Positive

(07:01) Being Forgiving

(07:29) Being Able To See The Big Picture And Being Patient

(07:57) Being Humble

(09:31) Andy’s New Book The Consultant’s Code Has Recently Has Made It To #1 International 

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