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Hello, and welcome to the Art of Consulting Podcast. We're excited you're here.

In our time together, you'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the IT consulting industry.

Enjoy and may the force be with you.


Andy and Cat.

Dec 20, 2019

In this episode, Andy is sharing the best way to start the year. It is always helpful to reset or improve our ways at the beginning of the year and doing it right is the key to fulfillment and success. He talks about the process of how to effectively set our pace and actually reach our goals.


Check out this episode now and be sure to list these points and set your self to do it.




“If We Let Other People Set The Pace For Us And The Things That We Want To Accomplish, We’re Really Letting Another Individual Dictate How Quickly And What We’re Going To Do And Accomplish.”


“One Thing With Timeboxing Is We Get Better At It.”


Show Notes:


(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:27) Letting People Set The Pace

(02:03) Know What You Want To Accomplish  

(03:11) Timeboxing The Need Activity

(04:56) Set Expectations 

(06:10) Remove Distraction

(07:04) Get Working On What You Need To Do 

(08:32) Celebrate The Win

(09:35) Repeat The Process

(10:08) Review

(11:56) Andy’s New Book The Consultant’s Code Has Recently Has Made It To #1 As The 

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